PTR Hartmann

Test Connectors for all common connections

PTR HARTMANN offers test connectors for all common USB, RJ, Lightning, HDMI as well as power and audio connections. The test connectors guarantee long-lasting, reliable and low-wear contacting. Thanks to their optimized insertion chamfers, they are perfectly suited for testing electronic assemblies, e.g. in telecommunication, in the infotainment or automotive segment, even if the assembly tolerances are larger. The test connectors are often used for end-of-line testing as well as for flashing devices. Cables with the respective original connector are used as the interface from the test connector to the test system, thus ensuring optimum data transmission. The particularly robust design without sharp edges in the guide area ensures an outstandingly long mechanical service life and damage-free contacting of the connector. The compact design allows the use even in confined spaces and at the same time is capable of contacting deeper plug connectors.