PTR Hartmann


Gold has fascinated mankind for thousands of years – not only because of its noble sheen, but also because it has such excellent anti-corrosion and electrical characteristics. For this reason, PTR HARTMANN makes use of gold as a standard coating for test probes and receptacles.
However, mining valuable gold ore requires enormous quantities of water and energy. In addition, chemicals are used which are harmful to the local environment. As an alternative, the recycling of gold is a good way of protecting the environment.
In order to conserve our environment, PTR HARTMANN can recycle old test probes. Our staff will be happy to inform you, on the telephone or by email, about the amount of payment which you can receive in the form of a credit note. You can send us PTR HARTMANN test probes and receptacles, but also products from other manufacturers with a minimum quantity of 0.5 kg. We look forward to hearing from you.